The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect

by Eric Evans

There Must Be A Cure For This Déjà VuCallahan Had His Eleanor“Even Famous Poets Aren’t Famous”

Please note:
The book is written as five long, interconnected poems. The samples below are are excerpts.

from There Must Be A Cure For This Déjà Vu

There must be a cure for this déjà vu
the things I think I thought of you
my sweetheart the sketchy drunk
acting like an aging punk

Low sparks and high-heeled boys
tenuous grace and fleeting poise
family man of the hour
drowning in a sudden shower

Little king of dirty water
sleeping with a dead man’s daughter
pretty songs for blue guitars
hollow bodies float like stars

from Callahan Had His Eleanor

Callahan had his Eleanor
as naked as she was before
Carver had his lovely Tess
and mine is some forever yes

An artist with pragmatic skin
her armor thick as mine is thin
a lioness in running shoes
protector of our sun-drenched blues

The eye of my particular storm
nine feet below I watch her form
water makes her weightless and free
turning the curves of infinity

from “Even Famous Poets Aren’t Famous”

“Even famous poets aren’t famous”
here we are now, entertain us
quarter-sized fish in a dime-round pond
as satisfied as the just been conned

Like tattoo face in the world of eyes
conspicuous despite the disguise
lemon in a dandelion field
texture betrays the marginal field

Loman says find yourself by thirty-four
time to claim what you abhor
no escape plan, no hidden clause
no sudden pleas, no unwritten laws